hi, i'm camilla.

(And my website needs an overhaul, but this will do for now.)


I'm a designer & artist living in Provo, Utah. I'm excitable, adaptable, emotional, and happy to be here.

I have a degree in Industrial Design from Brigham Young University and I believe in the power of design to solve human problems. I particularly care about sustainability, education, and mental health.

I am a UX Designer at Pluralsight. Previously, Learning Experience Designer at LEXA, adjunct professor at BYU, Storytelling Intern at IDEO, other miscellaneous gigs. Occasional freelance work, You can take a look at my resume here.

I spend the rest of my time making art as the Desert Prophet & exploring the intersection of the sacred & the profane in Mormonism with the ARCH-HIVE.

Check out my work and my words, or drop me a line below.



Instagram: @camillagluh


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