You Can Call It a Common Pigeon Or You Can Call It a Rock Dove and Depending On What You Call It You Will See Different Things.


In 2015 I learned that some things make sense and some things don't. In 2016 I learned that some things you have control over and some things you don't.

When I was younger I could smell snow on the wind. Now the mountains are washed out with nitric oxide and tropospheric ozone and the sun shines through it like smoke.

I walk slow.

The creative endeavors of my past are washed out but it's so hard to be in a hurry. Give me unlimited time and enough structure and I'm sure to get to it eventually. Give me no time and enough structure and you and I will both be amazed at what I can do.

The sun's unnaturally warm for mid-November and I would rather have the cold because of the implications. Today at church I won't be able to see my mountains. I walk through the halls and all I can think is that there's so much creative content produced in the world.

Years ago I developed a system where I stay up as late as humanly possible so when I finally go to bed I can actually sleep. Unfortunately now it's all I can do to lay there staring at the blue or wake up gasping from half-sleep at three in the morning. Maybe it's the supermoon or some other force from the sky, but I don't want to accept the way things are because then I might never get back to the way things were before.


As if I could get over this just by willing it.



(Or can I...?)

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