You know I have stars in my heart, you know.

Autumn is rising and I can smell it on the ground. I think that the only things you'll ever really care about are the things from your childhood, and you know I spent every evening spinning circles under the tree as the sun went down. 

The sky's been heavy for days and days, but you know that the air gets fresh when the storm finally breaks, I miss those thunderstorms in the afternoon in Colorado—

All that you tell me are the things you want and the things you fear. And I guess that we're all like that, but I can't see these things in myself, you know. 

I only get to know a place when I'm right about to leave. It was only today that I was able to walk down that sidewalk alone without fear, without something deep and heavy in my heart, but maybe that's because these days there's no one in the metro stations. 

A lady today told me that I'm on the moon, and I gave her a sign because you know that's where I've always wanted to be. 

There's something to be said about a breeze and a time for changing things. You can't force life to happen, but it just does, you know how it is—

I'm waiting for things like I'm waiting for September, but you know that it's the little things in between that stick behind your eyes, like an afternoon in a cemetery or rainstorms on the weekdays.  

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