I've said it before, but—


Life was never actually simpler than this. 

Tu es sur la lune?

Non, je ne dors jamais.


I see men as trees, walking.

They tell me I reached for the moon. 

I too have seen the tree with the lights in it—

I am feather, pebble, stone. 


I have felt my future rushing at me three times.

Have you seen the morning? I confused streetlights with the moon. 

I felt it in blond and green and a rhythmic speed,

A golden rectangle between my head and my body.

Sometimes moments feel I M P O R T A N T

(and I could hear its speed.)


They tell me that flies are voluptuous.

Life was never actually simpler than this—

Are you paying attention?

I have a sense of wonder. 


( P A Y  A T T E N T I O N ! )


Who let the nosy one input all the data?

I'm a girl in love with the mountains

And the space between the mountains and the sky. 

I looked at the lights and—

(You promised!!)

But I'm not what anybody's looking for. 


Lead your life to the Lord, they said. 

Life was actually once much simpler than this.

I wasn't paying attention for the longest time—

They asked if I'm on the moon. 

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