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The Sun Rose in Southern Bavaria


The Sun Rose in Southern Bavaria

The sun rose in southern Bavaria.

Radical transparency of the heart?

Yesterday was the day my parents got married. 

Yesterday was always my last day of school. 


Do you remember when you were a kid?

The park was so hot that day. 

They gave you grape soda, grape soda was your favorite for that day and that day only.

You walked across the bridge in the afternoon. 


I keep having moments where this feels like Paris. 

That happens less and less frequently now. 

Every time I tell myself "This isn't Paris, this isn't Paris,"

Because in the end, Paris wasn't a garden city. 


Last night I stumbled upon a fenced enclave of houses,

In rows, with wooden fence,

I guess the prerequisite to living there was wanting to have a big garden,

Because every plot was a tiny house and a big big garden,

A huge garden, and it was wild. 


There was a sign of a bike on the gate so I let myself inside. 

I wandered around the rows and thought of that man who lived alone in Alaska for some reason. 

When I tried to get out both gates were locked from the inside,

I lifted my bag over the fence and climbed and jumped like a kid. 


I am a professional adult. 


Iceland the Weird


Iceland the Weird

I have been to Iceland three times. The first was incredibly traumatic, the second was not at all traumatic, and the third was moderately traumatic. 

(An anti-travelogue.)