(Scholarly) Design research

Industrial design requires a lot of intuition, but sometimes research is valuable to validate assumptions and make new discoveries that drive design.

I research with Bryan Howell on color perception, pedagogy in design education.

I also worked as a teaching assistant for a year, doing things like Adobe Illustrator tutorials and giving life advice to the freshmen.


Publications & speaking

Stark, C., Howell, B. Integrating a multidisciplinary design methods mindset into classroom practice. Engineering and Product Design Education, 2017.

Stark, C.G., Howell, B.F. Overcoming the boomer mindset to encourage collaborative mentorships among millennial design students. NordDesign. 2016. Presenting Author.

Howell, B.F., Turner, D., Stark, C.G. Design student acculturation through collaborative project assessment. NordDesign. 2016. Presenting Author.

Howell, B.F., Morgan, D., Stark, C.G, Puglisi, A. Kickstarter's role in industrial design education. Engineering and Product Design Education, 2015.