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I am an artist, designer, curator, Luddite, Romantic, environmentalist, OCD-haver, and the Desert Prophet of the Great Basin. I make art about duality—life & death, light & dark, love & fear.

I am a co-founder of The ARCH-HIVE, an art collective  exploring the peculiarities of Utah, Mormonism, and the American West.

For my day job, I'm a UX designer.

Follow me on instagram and twitter at @camillagluh.

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What's up with this Desert Prophet stuff?

In late 2018, I was sitting on a train going through the industrial district of South Salt Lake when poetry came to my mind. The voice of an apocalyptic poet-prophet spoke of climate change, the Earth, and the wrath of God. These were my first moments as “the Desert Prophet”, my artist alter ego that acts as muse for my multidisciplinary art practice.

The Desert Prophet persona is the vertex of the brutal landscape of the Great Basin, my fiery spirituality, and the pale horse of the climate crisis barreling down upon us.

My graphic novel, The Desert Prophet, depicts this character rejecting their prophetic mantle out of despair for humanity and traveling through the desert to meet the Desert God. It is the product of my own struggle with how to live a moral life when it seems the world is ending. Please sign up to be notified when it is finished; I want nothing more than for this book to help people who are struggling with the same feelings.

Do you take commissions or freelance requests?

I only take on projects that are very interesting to me and allow a high degree of creative freedom. If you feel like your project might be a good fit, don't hesitate to contact me. Even if I can't take your project on, I can often suggest another artist or designer who can.

I am not taking any UX freelance work at this time.

Can I get a tattoo of your art?

Yes! I love it when people get tattoos of my art. I charge the same price for tattoo permission as I do for a print of that same piece. Please contact me to discuss payment.

I generally do not take requests for custom tattoo designs, but it never hurts to ask. I am more likely to say yes if I am very interested in the subject matter and given a high degree of creative freedom. See "Do you take commissions", above.

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