Camilla Stark Art

O Ye Fair Ones!

"In O Ye Fair Ones, you will play a gunslinger-sorcerer who is part of a religious community in a fragile ecosystem called the Basin. You will rely on your connections to the divine, to the land and to each other to solve problems for the community, and you will face temptations that erode those relationships until they break and you are forced to confront the darkness that lurks behind them. O Ye Fair Ones is a game about reckoning—reckoning with spiritual doubt, reckoning with environmental collapse and reckoning with the fallout of atrocities that we are not willing to name."

O Ye Fair Ones! is a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) written by Conrad Deitrick that I'm illustrating.

The game is about reckoning, about consequence, about how people in a community hurt each other. It’s a dark Mormon pioneer setting with a hint of magic, and deals with themes of land, spirituality, and community.

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